Nasa Technical Reports Server

Search the Nasa Technical Reports Server for publicly accessible citations and full-text documents from Nasa and its predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The NTRS also includes images and movies from the Nasa Image Exchange. 

While astrophysics and planetary science research preprints often get posted to arXiv and other open literature databases, the NTRS is one of the few places to find the engineering research that makes space missions happen.

Nasa posts tutorial videos that will help you learn how to search the database to find reports like these:

  • Document ID: 20070030963 United States Space Explorations 1958, links to documentary footage of the five satellites and two space probes the space agency launched that year (a time when people still pronounced its name N-A-S-A).
  • Document ID: 20120012527, Heated-Atmosphere Airship for the Titan Environment, Thermal Analysis, compares the use of hydrogen in an airship to heating Titan's own atmosphere.
  • Document ID: 20110014993, My Summer Internship at Kennedy Space Center is the end-of-summer report engineering student Hobert Philpott wrote about his experience working for Nasa. He mentored the CubeSat project at Merritt Island High School, met and worked with Nasa staff, and watched the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
  • Document ID: 20110015508, The Scientific Motivation of Space Cubesat Platforms, is a presentation by Nasa/GSFC researcher George V Khazanov that outlines how the space agency is making CubeSat a formal part of its space exploration toolkit.