Worldwide Telescope

The Worldwide Telescope, developed by Microsoft Research, is a browser app (requires Silverlight) and desktop software (Windows only) that combines images from ground-based observatories, space telescopes, and space probes.

Explore the Solar System. Three-dimensional renderings of the Sun, planets and the major moons lets your tour the worlds of our Solar System. You can use the layer functions to display your own planetary data and create time series animations.

The Mars Experience module combines images from many of Nasa's Mars orbiters to create a true-color map of the planet's surface. You can zoom in to get the more detailed images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's HiRise camera or take a 3D fly-over of Olympus Mons and Victoria Crater.

Explore the Universe. Rather than just look at galaxies and nebulae in optical wavelengths, the Worldwide Telescope lets you conduct your own multispectral exploration by combining data from the radio to gamma wavelengths.

Research. Amateur and professional astronomers can use the Worldwide Telescope to communicate their research. The software lets you import your own data, or search for data through the virtual observatory, before creating composite images and animations. You can use the desktop software to control a telescope

Share. Educators, scientists, and the Worldwide Telescope community create guided tours that explain the many objects in our Solar System and deep space. Public and private communities let Worldwide Telescope users share and coordinate their work.