European CanSat Competition

Every year the European Space Agency sponsors the European CanSat Competition to teach high school students in Esa member-nations how to design and operate a space mission. The students design a "satellite" that fits inside a 350ml soft drink can - a CanSat. Along the way they learn how to design and make electronic circuits and program flight computers.

National teams and Esa at-large teams travel to Norway’s Andøya Rocket Range every summer where the range's Intruder sounding rockets send the cansats to a one-kilometer altitude. The teams are judged based on their presentation, design, and their cansat’s ability to meet the competition’s performance milestones from launch through landing.

  • 2014 European CanSat Competition, June 1-5
  • 2013 European CanSat Competition:
    • Advanced Category

      1. Team Air Sat One (Portugal)

      2. TeamObi-Wan Canobi (Denmark)

      3. Team Vortex (United Kingdom)

    • Beginners Category

      1. Team KrakSat (Poland)

      2. Team Irish CapSat (Ireland)

      3. Team SaSa (Germany)

  • 2012 European CanSat Competition:
    1. Team Alpha (United Kingdom)
    2. Team Icaromennipus 3D (Greece)
    3. Team Azorean Shearwater (Portugal)
  • 2011 (no competition)
  • 2010 European CanSat Competition:
    1. Team Eclipse (United Kingdom)
    2. Team Triailliú (Ireland)
    3. Team Vikings (Belgium)