European Space Education Resource Office

The European Space Agency’s European Space Education Resource Office supports primary and secondary education in its member-nations by developing classroom resources and developing the skills of science and math teachers. Esero conducts four-day summer teacher workshops and supports European activities of the independent Galileo Teacher Training Program (website or our page). In many cases these programs are accredited professional development courses.

The strong affinity young people have to space make it an ideal way to encourage them to pursue studies in science and math. Esero reinforces that by developing ways for students to use real space data in the classroom. Esero sponsors the annual European CanSat Competition (website or our page) in which students design and build small “satellites” that fit in a soft drink can. A sounding rocket launches the CanSats one kilometer into the sky. It also sponsors Europe’s participation in the annual Spheres Zero Robotics competition (website or our page) in which student teams program robots on the International Space Station.

Esero has offices in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom.