Weekend Amateur: Lunar Eclipse

Pictures from last night's lunar eclipse. I took this one early in the eclipse as the Moon was passing into Earth's shadow. Whispy cirrus clouds high in the atmosphere didn't interfere with eclipse-watching, but it made getting a good shot tough.

And here's a picture at totality. The clouds cleared up, giving a clear view of the eclipsed Moon. The Moon changes color because light from the world's sunrises and sunsets fills Earth's shadows with a dim, red light. 

With less light reflecting off the Moon, the camera caught more of the background stars in the constellation Virgo. Only the brightest stars appear in this single half-second exposure. Just above the Moon is h-Virginis and to the lower right is Spica. Both systems are a little over 200 light years away. Spica is actually two stars close enough together that their light blends together