Amateur Space News April 8, 2014

The Canberra Times reported on crowdsourcing and satellite imaging. They interviewed a DigitalGlobe executive who talked about Tomnod, the company’s crowdsource service that helped search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Amateur astronomer Geoffrey McLean conducted a workshop about light pollution with Colchester Daisy Scouts. The Scouts created displays to show how light pollution affects the environment and how to fix the problem.

A press release from the Team America Rocket Contest announced the selection of 100 student teams from 25 states who will compete this May for $60,000 in prizes and scholarships. The Raytheon Company will sponsor the champion team to represent the United States in the International Rocketry Challenge at the Farnborough International Air Show in July.

In Google Lunar X-Prize coverage, UPI and continued coverage of the Discovery Communications partnership. Space News reported on Google Lunar X-Prize contestant Astrobotic’s successful guidance system test. SpaceIL, the sole Israeli entrant in the Google Lunar X-Prize, announced an educational outreach program with the iCenter, an American Israel-education organization. The program will teach Jewish-American youth about science and technology in Israel today.

In Mars coverage, the St. Cloud Times published one of the better profiles of a local Mars One candidate. Paul Larson, firefighter working on a master’s degree in education, said "I think that would be just the coolest way to spend my twilight years.” Penn State News profiled two local candidates for the Mars Arctic 365 project - one an undergraduate, the other a doctoral candidate.