Amateur Space News May 10, 2014

Today’s headlines include student rocket teams in Colorado and New Jersey, a high school experiment on the International Space Station, an report on KickSat’s struggles, and a profile of a Canadian Mars One candidate.

2 Colorado Springs high school rocket teams are heading to this weekend’s Team America Rocketry Challenge. The team from The Vanguard School designed their rocket with a flight computer that fires auxiliary engines to augment the rocket’s primary motor.

Lodi High School is New Jersey’s only rocket team in the Team America Rocketry Challenge. They named their competition rocket Eagle to honor Anthony Gilio, a fellow student rocketeer who died recently.

High school student-built High Definition Earth Viewing experiment received coverage from WTVR in Richmond, Virginia. Designed as part of Nasa’s Hunch program, the high school students’ experiment is testing commercial video cameras for future use in space. You can watch the live stream from outside the International Space Station.. summarized the KickSat project’s struggles to survive in orbit.

Paramedic from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada (via Infotel)