National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet

Founded in 1959, the National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet is the largest rocketry competition in the United States. Amateur rocketeers take part in local and regional competitions hosted by National Association of Rocketry sections to qualify for the national championships at the Naram. Competitions include altitude or duration for different categories of rocket. Amateur rocketeers also compete to create the most accurate scale model of historic rockets. Concept scale rockets recreate rockets from fiction or undeveloped proposals in the professional world. NAR members also compete in the Research & Development category by presenting reports on research that uses model rockets or that advances the hobby of model rocketry. Fun events outside the formal competitions include contests to launch water bottles,

Throughout the event vendors demonstrate rocket bodies, motors, and accessories for attendees to “fly and buy”. Every other year the NAR hosts the qualifying rounds for US representation in the  FAI World Spacemodeling Championships.

  • 2014 Annual Meet, July 26 to August 1 2014 in Pueblo Colorado
    • This year’s meet is held near the headquarters of the spaceflight company United Launch Alliance. Their summer interns will be launching their large rocket projects.