Amateur Space News May 17, 2014

In today’s news: teenage rocketeers want more girls to study science and engineering, public reports of a fireball over the American South, a googly in space, and Mars One candidates.

Teenage rocketeers want to bring balance to aerospace. The National Journal interviewed all-girl teams competing in last weekend’s Team America Rocketry Challenge about the fact that women represent only 24% of the US aerospace workforce. As California Girl Scout Kara Chuang said "By doing competitions like this, by promoting STEM, it introduces girls into a mainly man-dominant field…. We can do just as well as them."

Fireball streaks over the South, the Saturday Gazette-Mail reports in a story picked up by the Associated Press. The American Meteor Society received 95 public reports from states across the American South. Calls flooded into emergency call centers who dispatched police officers to investigate reports of explosions. (Via Daily Journal)

Where no cricket ball has gone before... (Source: England and Wales Cricket Board)

Where no cricket ball has gone before... (Source: England and Wales Cricket Board)

This one is outside the amateur world, but…. The England and Wales Cricket Board sent a cricket ball to the edge of space (video at the link). The promotional stunt marking the start of the NatWest T20 Blast competition sent a high altitude balloon over 33 kilometers above Brimingham. The match ball reached a 220 meters-per-second velocity before the parachute slowed it down. (Via The Independent and Sports Illustrated)

Mars One Headlines:

CNN interviewed several Mars One candidates.

CBS Sacramento interviewed a local Mars One candidate.

Readers of the Daily Dayton News chimed in on the Mars One program. (Subscription required)