Amateur Space Roundup May 21, 2014

In other amateur space news, the crowdfunded KickSat burned up, Cocorahs’ founder scheduled to speak. In the daily Mars One headlines, a German Mars One candidate lives in Antarctica; another one lives in New Orleans.

The Economist wrote an elegy for the crowdfunded KickSat project after it re-entered the atmosphere.

The founder of Cocorahs will speak at Appalachian State University the day after the Eastern Snow Conference. Nolan Doesken, a Colorado meteorologist, will talk about the history and future of the volunteer weather monitoring network.

New Scientist interviews German astronomer who works in Antarctica but wants to go to Mars. Robert Schwarz manages the Keck Array which observes the Cosmic Microwave Background.

New Orleans TV station WVUE interviewed local candidate Britton Frost.