Amateur Space News May 6, 2014

In today’s headlines hope may not be lost for the crowdfunded KickSat project, the Marshall Space Flight Center’s museum completed a crowdfunding campaign, Indiana teens heading to rocket championship, a model rocket-sparked brush fire, and more Mars One candidates.

KickSat’s troubles in orbit got more coverage today. Jeff Foust reported on New Space Journal that there is still hope. The satellite is predicted to re-enter the atmosphere on May 16 before the reset countdown clock reaches zero, but the prediction has a plus/minus two day margin of error. Adrienne LaFrance reports in The Atlantic that there’s another source of hope: the Cornell team may be able to force KickSat to deploy its mini satellites, but only if the radio’s batteries charge in time.

The US Space and Rocket Center crowdfunded a new exhibit. The USSRC manages the visitors center at Nasa’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and operates Space Camp. Its Indiegogo crowdfunding project raised over $70,000 to install a Space Shuttle training aircraft at the center’s Shuttle Park.

Indiana 4H Aerospace Team will compete in rocket contest. WNDU reports that the teens from high schools in St. Joseph County will bring their custom-designed rocket to the Team America Rocketry Contest this weekend in Virginia.

Model rocket caused a small brush fire near Paso Robles, California. The Paso Robles Daily News reported that the quarter-acre fire was caused by a model rocket launched from a nearby park. The report did not mention who launched the rocket, but it serves as a reminder to follow the National Association of Rocketry’s safety code.

A roundup of Mars One candidates in today's news: