Middle School Students Sending Research into Space

Local press highlighted the middle school students from South Carolina and Texas who will send microgravity experiments to the International Space Station this Fall. The projects, made possible by the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, engage hundreds of students and help them see how what they learn in the classroom applies to the real world.

Colleton County Middle School will become the first public school in South Carolina to reach space later this year. But first 3 teams of 6th graders must travel to the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum this summer where they will present their proposals before a panel of scientists and educators. The winning proposal will travel to the ISS this fall. On the same rocket launch students from the private Palmetto Scholars Academy will send their second space experiment to the space station. (Via ABC affiliate WCIV and the Colletonian

The local school board honored 5 students from Williams Middle School in Rockwall, Texas. The students will investigate how yeast cells develop in microgravity. (via the Rockwall Herald-Banner)