Summer Stargazing in the News

As summer approaches and people spend more time outside, local media outlets have started running articles about stargazing. The Pouhghkeepsie Journal's article about amateur astronomy features William K. Yee, amateur and president of the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association, who talks about the beauty he sees through the telescope. Freelance writer Karen Maserjian Shan interviewed Carroll Iorg of the Astronomical League and Scott Kardel of the International Dark-Sky Association talked about how light pollution keeps most of us from seeing that beauty.

Amateur astronomer and professional broadcast meteorologist Mike Lynch took the opportunity of yesterday’s summer solstice to write a stargazing article about the Summer Triangle in Everett, Washington's Daily Herald. The Summer Triangle is a bright star formation high in the northern sky. Lynch describes the very different stars - Vega, Altair, and Deneb - that make up the Summer Triangle.