Philippines Crowdsources Manila Earthquake Data

Philippine news site Rappler is crowdsourcing public observations of a magnitude 5.7 earthquake that struck just south of the nation’s capital, Manila. 

The Philippine’s unique geography makes it exceptionally vulnerable to natural disasters. It lies on top of a major tectonic fault zone and along the path for many of the South Pacific’s tropical cyclones. To make matters worse, the Philippine Archipelago consists of over 7,000 islands susceptible to tsunamis and storm surges. Over three quarters of the Filipino population lives in at-risk areas - natural disasters kill over 1,000 Filipinos every year.

After a series of crippling typhoons and earthquakes, the Philippine government's resources are focused on helping ravaged areas recover. Rappler worked with the government to launch Project Agos last year as a central source for disaster preparedness information and a place for the public to contribute their own reports after a disaster strikes.