Mars One Monday

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

Before Mars One sends people to the red planet, it plans to land a robotic probe in 2018. Today Mars One issued a request for proposals from universities, space agencies, and the private sector for technology demonstration payloads to include on the space probe. The payloads will test technologies human settlers will need to survive on Mars. In addition to the four demonstration payloads, the Mars One community will vote for a university-based payload that advances science, education, or public outreach. Mars One is also selling two payload slots to the highest bidder for scientific or marketing use. (via NBC News)

Business Insider interviewed John Grotzinger, lead investigator of the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity. During the interview, BI asked Grotinger whether he believed in Mars One. His answer was politely brief. Read the interview for insight into the rover’s first 2-year mission.

China Radio International’s English-language service broadcast a story about Mars One.