Amateur Mars Rovers Will Compete for $1.5 Million in Nasa Prizes

Nasa announced that the Sample Return Challenge will take place next week at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Teams will send their rovers across a course to find and collect geological samples. Nasa’s Centennial Challenge program opens the space agency’s research and development efforts to people outside the traditional space industry - including the public. 

  • Team Survey, an amateur robotics team from Los Angeles, was the only prize winner at last year’s event, taking home a $5000 Level 1 prize. 
  • This year over $1.5 million in prizes are on the table. 
  • US teams elegible for the prize money come from California, Florida, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington. 
  • International teams competing for bragging rights come from Canada and Estonia.

The contest runs from June 11-14 on the campus of WPI in Massachusetts