Irish High School's Satellite-in-a-Can Earns Bronze in Europe-wide Contest

The Journal added to coverage of the Irish high school team that placed 3rd in the 2014 European CanSat Competition. CanSats, simulated satellites that fit within a soft drink can, are a common educational tool at the university level where they give students hands-on experience with an end-to-end space project. 

The European Space Agency's CanSat program extends that concept to the secondary school level through its annual competition. Esa member nations host a series of regional and national rocket contests. High school student teams design and build their CanSats to achieve the milestones set by the contest organizers - usually some combination of performance and sensor design. 

The students from Crescent College Comprehensive traveled north of the Arctic Circle to Norway’s Andøya launch range where the space center’s rocket teams launched the CanSats on a 1 kilometer high suborbital trajectory. The students designed their sensors to collect a variety of atmospheric readings as well as measure Earth’s geomagnetic field as their CanSat parachuted back to Earth.