Mars One Candidate Roundup June 2-9

Credit: Mars One

Credit: Mars One

Over the past week several more reports appeared as media outlets interviewed local candidates in the United States, Scotland, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates for the Mars One project. The 705 remaining candidates are still waiting to find out what will happen next. Mars One’s organizers will conduct a series of interviews to narrow the field further. Those who make it through will take part in a multi-year training program to prepare for the final selection round - and a one-way trip to Mars.

The Anchorage Daily News defended Lauren Reeves, an Alaskan living in New York, from reporters who took her tongue-in-cheek video application a little too serious. Reeves, former reporter for an Alaskan TV station, moved to New York to pursue a career in acting and stand-up comedy. She used humor to set herself apart in her Mars One application video, but her ditzy-blonde act didn’t go over well with Business Insider’s reporter who mocked her in a report earlier this week.

The other reports repeat the common themes: we're doing this because people are explorers, family is concerned but supportive, 

  • The Herald Scotland and Economia ran reports about Sarah Johnson, a British accountant working in the United Arab Emirates. 
  • The Yorkshire Post ran a story about Jason Turner, a forklift driver from Leeds
  • Australia’s Daily Telegraph interviewed Jake Sinclair, a 19-year old music student from Sydney
  • Khaleej Times interviewed Rakesh Radhakrishnan, an Indian-born technology entrepreneur living in Dubai.