Mars One Monday

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

No announcements from Mars One last week but two reports included interviews with Mars One leaders. Abu Dhabi-based The National reported on the new UAE space agency’s plans for exploring Mars. The article quotes Bas Lansdorp and UAE resident and Mars One candidate Mikolaj Zielinski. Meanwhile science publisher Elsevier interviewed Mars One Chief Technology Officer Arno Wielders. He recaps some of the recent technological developments that will make Martian settlements possible.

German newspaper Badische Zeitung interviewed candidate Stephan Günther (in German), a flight instructor and software developer. It balances the article with quotes from former Shuttle astronaut Ulrich Walter who said "Das ist Harakiri, was die machen." (Google Translate: “That’s harakiri what they do.”) The article goes on to include criticisms of Mars One from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and Russian cosmonaut instructor Sergei Krikaljow.

El Deber interviewed the two remaining Bolivian candidates (in Spanish). Zaskia Antelo is an undergraduate studying anthropology and international relations. Antelo told El Deber, “Y en el aspecto antropológico me interesa ver la cultura que se puede crear allá, porque irán personas de diferentes razas y costumbres” (Edited Google Translate: “And in the anthropological aspect I'm interested to see the culture that can be created there, because the people going come from different races and customs”) Edward Condon, a computer entrepreneur and paramedic, said “Quiero ser parte de la nueva historia de la humanidad y colaborar a los demás con lo que sé hacer.” (Modified Google Translate: I want to be part of humanity’s new history and help others with what I can do.”)

An article on Spanish news site En Postivo asks what kind of government will develop on Mars (in Spanish). It quotes Nuria Tapias, one of 27 Spanish candidates, saying ““Ahora mismo no tengo miedo, creo que es una experiencia única.” (Google Translate: "Right now I'm not afraid, I think it's a unique experience.”)

Russia Behind the Headlines interviewed 2 Russian candidates, journalist Alexandria Stepanova and IT specialist Artem Goncharov. Stepanova countered critics who say Mars One candidates are buying into a fantasy: “I, for one, am not trying to escape from my life on Earth, I enjoy my life. It's just that I have always thought that there are bigger things for us to do.”

CBS affiliate KCNC-TV spoke with Denver candidate Elena Finley as well as Mars Society founder and Mars One advisor Robert Zubrin. Finley, who has a masters degree in geology, told KCNC “Being able to study geography on a planet other than our own is an opportunity I cannot pass up.” 

Southern California public radio station KPCC wrote about the Mars One project. It quoted several of the Californian candidates including hospital administrator Andrew Tunks who said "If you can do something absolutely incredible, then why not go for it?"

The Derby Telegraph interviewed British physics student Ryan MacDonald. He had spoken at the East Midlands Big Bang Fair, a science event for teenagers. Responding to a one student who asked what’s wrong with living on Earth, MacDonald replied “Nothing. But living on Mars does has a certain appeal.”