Mars One Monday

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

The media continues to cover the request for proposals Mars One issued last week for its planned robotic mission to Mars. Most of the reports simply recap the press release, but the United Arab Emirate's The National reported on a local researcher planning to pitch his idea for a Mars research project. Romanian-born Mihai Sanduleanu is an associate professor of microsystems engineering at the UAE's Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a graduate research university created with help from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He wants to equip the Mars lander with self-repairing circuits.

The Age went beyond the typical Mars One candidate profile with an extended article about Australia’s Mars One candidates. Some of the outside experts quoted in the article includes Mars Society of Australia president Jonathan Clarke who refrained from criticizing Mars One but said “it’s very hard to technically assess” Mars One’s plans.

Other coverage of Mars One candidates: