Space bacon and other space crowdfunding projects

Every couple of months I do a scan for new space-related projects on the crowdfunding sites. Right now you can support projects ranging from space journalism, to amateur and professional research, to outreach projects, to Near Space exploration... to space bacon.

As mainstream media declines, newspapers and broadcasters have cut back on the number of reporters they employ - especially specialists like science writers. (See this Nature article for more)  Several science journalists are turning to crowdfunding services to earn money directly from their readers:

Amateur and professional scientists increasingly turn to crowdfunding sites to fund their research:

Space outreach projects promise to encourage more involvement in space and inspire kids to pursue careers in science and engineering:

The earliest crowdfunded space projects were DIY attempts to send cameras, toys, and the occasional science project into Near Space. The tradition continues:

And in the stand-alone category of everything goes better with bacon: