Mars One Monday

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

No announcements from Mars One, but it did post a new article to its Mars Exchange blog. Dr. Mason Peck, former Nasa Chief Technologist and now Mars One advisor, wrote about the inevitable contamination of Mars with bacteria from Earth. “There’s plenty of science that will remain to be done even if Earth’s bacteria find a home on the surface of Mars.”

British insurer Lloyds wrote about the growing demand for insurance in the commercial space industry as new spaceports open and suborbital space tourism comes closer to reality. It closes by citing Mars One as an example of how far the private sector insurance may eventually reach.

Colombian astronomer Antonio Bernal wrote an opinion piece in El Espectador criticizing the Mars One program. He highlighted the nature of entry, descent, and landing as an example of the technical challenges that any human mission to Mars will face. Then Bernal pointed out the financial challenges that Mars projects face. He closes by implying that Mars One will fold due to the technical challenges while letting its backers pocket the money from the reality TV show.

German candidate Stephan Günther and Dutch candidate Pamela Nicoletatos were quoted in Der Spiegel’s overview of the Mars One program. The article takes a neutral, balanced approach with the voice of the candidates describing the vision driving the program and outside experts to highlight the risks.

Louisiana TV station WBRZ interviewed Baton Rouge candidate Randy Paylor. The geology PhD candidate expects to apply his experience exploring caves and studying the movement of sediment in underground rivers.

The US Army issued a press release about 1st Lt. Heidi Beemer’s candidacy. Beemer leads a decontamination platoon. She is one of several military personnel competing for the one-way mission to Mars. The press release includes pictures from Beemer’s work at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station.

An interview with Swiss candidate Christian Meyer closed radio show Poyekhali’s 8-week run.