Mars One Monday

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

Mars One News

No news last week from the Mars One organization, but Bas Lansdorp will speak at the United Nations / Austria Symposium on Space Science and the United Nations

The India Foundation of the Arts has sponsored an experimental documentary about Mars One (via Times of India). “Memories of the Future” will explore the candidates’ motivations using interviews, popular media, and scientific reports. This won’t be a straight-up documentary as it’s being created by cutting-edge Indian artists Sahej Rahal and Pallavi Paul. Rahal is a sculptor and performance artist whose often uses a fractured lens of George Lucas’ Star Wars mythos to inspire his work. Pallavi Paul is a film researcher and video artist who combines poetry and the technology of time travel in works that have been exhibited across India and at the Tate Modern in London. The two artists are collaborating during their residency with the 2014-2015 Vancouver Biennale

Candidate News

With the next selection round approaching, Mars One candidates are stepping up their media outreach:

Stavangar Aftenbladet interviews Norwegian candidate Robin Ingebretsen and covers Bas Lansdorp’s appearance at the Innovation and Leadership conference.

EngineerJobs Magazine interviewed candidate Max Fagin. Besides talking about Mars One, Fagin discussed his internships with Nasa and Made in Space as well as the way his mentors have guided his engineering studies.

Like most mainstream media reports, this BBC interview with Texas candidate Sonia Van Meter focused on her willingness to leave her husband behind and the public reaction to that decision. The University of Texas Austin news site The Horn focused the conversation on Van Meter’s the role her degree in sociology motivates her pursuit of Mars.

Science fiction website io9 asked its readers “what would make you join a space colony?” Despite the hardship, explained Mars One candidate Dan Carey, the rewards of being among the first to pioneer space make it worthwhile.

In an op-ed on the Digital Journal site Paul Willis explains how projects like Mars One’s University Challenge accelerates exploration - and settlement - of the red planet.

USA Today profiled Heidi Beemer Mars One candidate and US Army officer. While leading a decontamination platoon Beemer is working on a masters degree in aerospace science and conducting education outreach (4000 students so far).