Mars One Monday - And then there were 100

Room with a view? The 100 people selected by Mars One may have a shot at exploring Mars. This is a view of Aeolis Mons (what Nasa renamed Mount Sharp) taken by the Curiosity rover Credit: Nasa/JPL-Caltech

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports on the project to send people on a one-way journey to Mars.

Mars One announced the 100 candidates who will go on to the next selection round. Most of the media haven’t had time to do anything more than rehash the Mars One press release. I've recapped below a few reports from around the world that identified local candidates. Ironically, the Netherlands-based Mars One organization did not choose any of the Dutch candidates, NOS reports.

The Americas

The Washington Post summarized the release and identified six candidates with ties to the Washington, DC, area. They include an ER doctor, a nuclear engineer, a data architect, and a systems engineer… and a political consultant. (It’s DC)

KXAN TV identified that Austin, Texas, candidate Sonia Van Meter made the cut. They also reposted an interview with the political consultant.

The CBC listed the six Canadian candidates which includes a Scout leader, a high school teacher, helicopter pilot, a TV journalist, and a physics PhD student.

RTP reports that although none of the Portuguese candidates are among the 100, Brazilian public security expert Sandra Maria Feliciano Silva will carry the Portuguese language forward.


The Independent mentioned that Maggie Lieu would be one of the British candidates in the final 100 and then quoted her earlier comments about giving birth on Mars. (Forget that she’s an astrophysics PhD candidate - she’s blond and talking about sex). reports that two Spaniards are in. One has a physics PhD but has to work as a solar installer due to the Spanish economy. The other is an unemployed solar energy software technician (according to google translate).

AIF reports on Sergey, a Ukrainian aerospace engineer. Life News reports that three Russians - including a space journalist, a geographer - will join the Ukranian in the competition.

The Journal identified astrophysicist Dr. Joseph Roche as the only Irish candidate in the final 100. The Derby Telegraph announced that local PhD student Ryan McDonald made the cut.  ITV reported that British candidate Hannah Earnshaw was in.

Musician Günther Golob is the only remaining Austrian candidate, reports Kleine Zeitung.  German candidate Steve Shield (20 Minuten), Serbian scientist Ljubinka Nikolic (B92) and Latvian Pauls Irbin (Delfi) also made it.


Three Indians are on the list, reported the Hindu. One is a computer science PhD student living in the United States. Manorama reported that another is a mechanical engineering student. The third works in the United Arab Emirates, reported the Hindustan Times.

Perth Now called up Western Australian Josh Richards, the physicist/soldier/comedian, after he made the cut. He’s performing as Keith the Anger Management Koala at the Fringe Festival but took the time to talk about being in the final 100.

The Rappler announced that two Filipino women will be in the 100. One is a writer and the other is an entrepreneur living in the US.

Middle East/Africa

Five South Africans are in the final list, reported iAfrica. They include a mathematician, a business intelligence developer, a quantum biologist, a student, and a law graduate. The article also mentions that a Nigerian and an Egyptian are the remaining two African candidates.

Arabian Business recapped the candidates with ties to the Middle East, including the two expats in the UAE, an Egyptian, and two Iranians. An Iraqi immigrant living in the United States will go as will an Iranian living in New Zealand.

The National wrote about the two UAE residents. Both expats living in Dubai, one is Polish and the other Indian.