Mars One Monday - August 3

Mars One Monday rounds up the past week’s reports about the people who want to go on a one-way journey to Mars.

Mars One Candidates in the News

The Fayette Observer reports that US candidates Leila Zucker, Oscar Mathews and Dan Carey will address an audience at North Carolina’s Robeson County Planetarium this week. Proceeds from admission fees will be donated to Mars One.

Divashen Govender presented to the FFS Expo for Young Scientists. 250 high school students from South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal attended the event to hear speakers on various science topics and to present the results of their own projects.

Kenya Armbrister met Nasa astronaut Yvonne Cagle at the Novato Space Festival. Cagle, an Air Force veteran and medical doctor was being interviewed for the documentary Madame Mars about women in space exploration.

Citizen Mars, the independent docuseries that follows several Mars One candidates, previewed to a crowd in New York before its general release on AOL Originals.

The San Diego Reader reviewed “Scenes from Mars One: now with 68% less gravity” a play presented at the San Diego Fringe Festival. The “offbeat comedy” is “an extended practical joke” that is a play about a play about a one-way journey to Mars. Director Scott Ehrig-Burgess told KPBS that “the audience was stunned, confused, disgusted and eventually they seemed to be laughing so that was kind of what we were going for.”

European game developers will release “Stranded - Mars ONE” to iOS and Android smartphones. The 2D platform game casts you as a little astronaut stranded on the red planet. Running, dodging, and jumping through the Martian landscape you must collect resources and repair your spacecraft so you can return home.

Mars One in the News

No news from Mars One last week.

News from Mars

Ron Howard is producing a National Geographic miniseries about the colonization of Mars. Red Planet will mix a scripted drama set in 2032 with an unscripted documentary of Earth’s current plans for Mars exploration.

The Mars Society launched an Indiegogo project to fund repairs at its Mars Desert Research Station. In its first 3 days it raised $2,820 towards the $10,000 goal. The Mars analog research center’s greenhouse caught fire during a winter expedition, but the Mars Society hopes to have all repairs complete before the new season this fall.

Other news from Mars:

Check out Arizona State University’s Red Planet Report and Malin Space Science Systems’ MRO Marci Weather Report for insider news from Mars.