Privacy and Comments Policies

Hey, Chris here. I want to set some expectations for all of us.

On my side:

  • I will keep any information you provide me and any direct emails to me as private and confidential.
  • I will ask your permission before quoting any private comments.
  • I will publish the summary results of any surveys. Your individual responses will remain confidential.
  • I won't suppress comments that disagree with my views and opinions.

On your side, be nice and stick to the subject:

  • Any comments you post are public record
  • The amateurs exploring space have a wide range of backgrounds and experience
    • Be nice to novices - we want more people exploring space so respect their questions
    • Watch your language - space explorers can be any age so behave yourself
    • Respect the ideas, not the grammar - amateur space exploration is global so respect the fact that not everyone speaks English well.
  • This is a website about amateur space exploration
    • Talk about how you or other amateurs explore space, not about the latest Nasa space mission.
    • NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS DEBATES (sorry for yelling)